• 1. What is Moon VR Home and Moon VR Home Installer?
    Moon VR Home boasts powerful custom home creation features and has a wealth of virtual environments resources, supporting 360-degree full preview and free exploration, and you can also customize your unique environments with local files based on our templates.

    · Key Features:
    3D Roaming: Explore curated 3D scenes contributed by artists, freely navigate them, and set them as virtual backdrops with the installer.
    Infinite Creativity: Utilize AI for panoramic skybox creation, effortlessly crafting unique visual spectacles.
    Community Exploration: Discover over 10,000 community creations to spark your inspiration.
    Beyond Reality: Experience visual awe through mixed reality portals, immersing yourself in captivating environments.Space Customization: Set your creations or community content as virtual backdrops, tailoring your virtual world.
    Moon VR Home Installer is to install the environments you choose from Moon VR Home. This is a 2D App which requires system installation permission to install the environments.
  • 2. How to change my home environment?
    Custom Homes:
    The installed environments will appear in Unknown Sources list. You can activate them in Settings > Personalization > Virtual Environments.
    Save the skyboxes in the App and go to Settings < Personalization < Virtual Environment > Customize Skybox View.
  • 3. Why do some environments take longer to load (black loading screen)?
    It takes longer to load environments with larger volumn and better quality. For your better experience, some environments are already compressed to KTX2 but it may still take a while to load. Please be patient and wait for your amazing environments!
  • 4. What if system keeps crashing/ showing 'Shellenv keeps stop working'?
    All virtual environments are only available for system v38 or higher; if you encounter frequent crash after activating an environment, please uninstall it from unknown sources, or byOculus Developer Hubor Sidequest.
  • 5. How to download the installer?
  • 6. Do I have to use a PC/Mac to download the installer?
    No, you can also connect Quest with your Android phone and install the Installer to Quest using the Sidequest mobile app or in your browser using the Web ADB.Web ADB
  • 7. Is the installer safe?
    All our contents are strictly audited to ensure safety. At the same time, we are negotiating with Meta for a better installation method.
  • 8. Why do the environments in the app look blurry?
    In order to preview faster and more convenient, we have compressed the resources in the application, which does not affect the quality when they are downloaded. (Except for the case of poor quality of the environments itself.)
  • 9. Can I move around in the environments?
    Of course you can! We currently offer two types of movement: teleportation and smooth locomotion, which can be viewed or switched in Settings> Movements. We look forward to exploring more ways of movement in the future.
  • 10. How do I install my favorite environments?
    In the app, 'Add to List' your favorite scenes, then click Download in the List Tab. it will bring up our installer. Just download and install with one click.
  • 11. What permissions are required?
    Moon VR Home requires access to local storage permissions to allow you to use your own files for custom editing and creation. The installer requires access to local storage to get your environment download list, and requires installation access to install the environments.
  • 12. What can I customize?
    Images, skyboxes, music, objects (model library provided), etc.
  • 13. How can I edit and interact with an object while customizing?
    Instructions for moving, rotating, resizing, etc. can be found in Help > Interaction.
  • 14. What local files can I use for customization?
    For now, we only read local files that are saved in Download directory.
    Images: .jpg, .png
    Music: .ogg Size up to 20 MB(given the performance of the home screen)
  • 15. How to generate skyboxes with AI?
    You can choose to create in VR Immersive Mode or Mixed Reality Portal (MR Portal) Mode:
    1. Select your preferred art style.
    2. Input prompts to describe the scene.
    3. Click generate and patiently wait for 15 seconds to 2 minutes.
    · Regarding prompt words, you can use our AI feature to optimize them with a single click, or you can copy and paste favorite prompt words from your history or community creations. Please avoid using words that violate social norms, have a negative impact on society, or are sensitive in nature.
    · Generation time depends on server congestion, network conditions, and other factors.
  • 16. Why is there a limit of only 5 AI generations?
    · The cost for AI-generated-content(image and text) is indeed quite high. And unfortunately, subscription is unavailable for apps on Applab. Not being accepted into the Oculus store means a lack of income.That's why, at the moment, we provide users with 5 free generations only and offer in-app purchases (IAP) for those who need more.
    · Typically, access to community AI content is a feature reserved for subscribed members. However, at this early stage, we want to inspire users to create and share interesting content. So, we've opened up access to community AI-generated content for all users. We hope you all enjoy exploring and creating in our community!

Question not listed above? Feel free to contact us by [email protected]. We are more than happy to help and you will give feedback as soon as possible.