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Download Moon VR Home

We regret to tell you that, after all the efforts,
we developers are not allowed to install Custom Homes for you within VR anymore,
due to the Quest system upgrade (V51+). 😭
But...we don’t want to give up! If you are currently using Android, PC or Mac, and Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera),
we sincerely recommend you to try this alternative method:
Install Custom Homes directly from web.

Download Custom Homes

Meanwhile, we are actively communicating with Meta Quest Team, hoping to draw their attention to this matter. Your voice will also help in resolving this issue.
Please join us in urging the Meta team to address this problem by commenting on the reddit post! If your Quest system version is V50 or below, you can still install custom homes just in VR with our Installer(Not available on V51+)

Download MVH Installer

Installation Guide

Step 1: Download Moon VR Home here and install it on your headset.

Step 2: Become a Developer

Go to Oculus Developer Center, sign up to be a developer, create an Organization, then verify your developer account.

If you’ve already turned on developer mode on your device, please skip to Step 4.

Step 3: Enable Developer Mode

On your smartphone or tablet, in Meta Quest app, go to Menu > Devices > Developer Mode and turn it on. On your headset, go to Settings > System > Developer and enable USB Connection Dialog.

If it doesn't work, reboot your headset and try again.

Step 4: Plug in USB Cable

Connect your headset and computer with a USB-C cable.

Step 5: Sideload the Installer App

5A. Experimental feature:
If you are currently using Android, PC or Mac, and Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera), you can try Install via WebAdb following steps below:

  • Find your Quest device in the browser popup and click 'Connect' (you may need turn on the OTG connection on your phone, or quit the existing adb process on your computer);
  • Allow USB debugging in your headset;
  • Wait until the installation is complete. The Moon VR Home Installer will appear in App Library > Unknown Source on your Quest.

5B. Or Download 'Moon VR Home Installer' apk and install onto your headset via Oculus Developer Hub.

All set! You can now put on your headset and install environments onto your headset with Moon VR Home & Installer!