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Explore 10000+ high quality homes. Or build one by yourself.
With only a few clicks, transform your virtual home into a stunning landscape, sci-fi game scene, or interior masterpiece.


No More Hassle for Environments

10000+ ready-to-use homes with fine details. Designed by artists and expertly honed.
With only a few clicks, transform your virtual home into a stunning landscape, sci-fi game scene, or interior masterpiece.


Make Your Virtual Home Truly Unique

Mixed Reality Porta

Mixed Reality Portal

Travel through different realities from your room.

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Mixed Reality Porta

30,000+ Skyboxes

Pick any work you like and one-click save to set it as your Quest Custom Skybox. Create, recreate and share within community. NO sideloading needed!

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Mixed Reality Porta

1000+ Custom Homes

Curated homes by artists from all over the world. In-app 360° preview before downloading. Wirelessly download and install.

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Mixed Reality Porta

AI Generation

From text to 360 images. Create your unique skyboxes by describing.

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Mixed Reality Porta


Edit and customize unique home environments with your own pictures, objects, and music.

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User Reviews

Moon VR Home


Such a great app for customization. The new updates are really amazing with the portals. This really helps make your home environment come alive!



The skybox is a complicated place and I have been wanting to personalize it. This app lets you do that although there are many steps, you have to go through to get to where you can finally install your personalized skybox, it is very much worth it. If you’re having problems, just reread the directions. Thank you for this app. And thank you for all the updates you have been making!



Nice to mix up the homescreen and even pull in your own photos from Quest 2 directory is neat



Hopefully the process of easily changing virtual environments gets more streamlined and the fact that we’ve gone this long without any way to change it without the use of side loading is ridiculous. This app easily allows users to preview virtual environments before going through the hassle of downloading them through side quest. Glad I got it definitely worth it no reason not to have it.



Love this little app. The way you can check out your home environment before you load is super cool. You can customize your home too! Give it a try you won't be sorry especially if you like to change it up once in awhile.



This is a silly little app that adds to the fun of Quest 2 experience. What is it? Basically it is a database and installer of custom home environments. Many of the environments are themed from movie/TV, games, anime and the like. Most of the themes are available in versions from app lab but Moon VR Home allows you to load them directly to your headset without having to sideload them. True you could sideload SideQuest to your headset and install them directly that way but Moon VR Home has a twist. You can customize a few of the environments. Customization includes adding images (stock and your own uploaded/screenshots), skyboxes (background scenes in windows), background music/sounds, and 3D models. The developers continue to add features and port/add environments so the boredom factor is low to nil. Lots of fun to be had. Check it out.



Spectacular application. For the first time I had the opportunity to feel like I was in MY home. I managed to thrill my son who literally went crazy when he found himself in Peach's castle! And I too went crazy with joy when I had the opportunity to FINALLY recreate an environment that was at least plausible to the real one of my real spaces. If I now appreciate the Quest 2 more, it is thanks to the work of this team. Thanks guys!



Awesome app that has loads of custom environments for your quest. You can save a list of environments then download and install all at once. The recent update allowed to teleport anywhere in the environment which is awesome to see little details that where not possible with the limited teleport meta has. Hope meta allows more teleport options in future. Great work guys



I am a huge fan of actually being able to preview the homes before you download them as this is something I have been missing. The UI is easy to explore and you can quickly filter by theme to sort through the wide range of existing homes. I hope to see loads more homes added to this in the future as I like to change my VR homes depending on my mood/season.